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May 10, 2004

We have a notorious problem with moving people up because of talent. Its really easy to get wowed. We live in the society of the first impression. If you can make a great first impression. If you can put together a great resume. If you can have a great interview, you can go a long way. We can learn how to fool people faster. We make decisions that actually breed the opposite of integrity, and make a person more dangerous.

And the journey to integrity begins and ends with humility. You want to be an enemy of God, hold on to your pride. You can make it romantic when you look back, but there’s a lot of things in life that aren’t romantic when your doing them. You know, like cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms, or stacking chairs. We will never become the person God wants us to be until we humble ourselves and recognize that we’re not too good to do anything. God opposes the proud but he gives grace to the humble. But as long as we are trying to lift ourselves up he presses us downward and as long as you keep trying to push yourself up God will keep making sure that you are pressed down. But if you live a life that pushes downward God will lift you up.

I love Joby’s song that says “there’s no place low enough to go”. What an increadible imagery that when you are coming into the presence of God there is no place you can go low enough to properly align yourself in the presence of God. You hear the opposite when you hear people say things like, “Well me and God, we our own agreement. Well, me and God we have our own understanding.” We resist the words like forgiveness, mercy, like repentence. All those imply that we have to humble ourselves. Because you cannot come to the relationship with God through Jesus Christ without a moment of genuine humility. If you just go “oh Jesus I believe in you and I give you my heart” and all that, that’s not going to cut it. The road to becoming a follower of God is to come to that place in your life where you are depressed. You are pressed to the ground and you say “God there is nowhere lower I can go!”

Christianity is born out of humility. Doesn’t it make sense that the way it begins is the way its supposed to continue. How do I know if I am living a life of humility in front of God. Well, are you obeying what the scriptures say or are you only obeying the stuff you like? We apply the stuff that we percieve we need and we ignore the stuff that irritates us and goes against our own desires. Humility is obeying the truth of God when you understand it not when you feel like it. Has it ever occured to you that there are things God wants to do through your life that he might not be able to begin until you come to a place of humility where you trust in his power?

Erwin Raphael McManus
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