Indiana to Albuquerque

June 1, 2004

Today marks the third day of our journy from Mooresville to Los Angeles. Our first stop on Sunday evening brought us to Rolla, MIssouri, where we were unfortunate enough to watch the fourth quarter of another Pacer’s homecourt debacle. We’ll see what tonight holds for them in Detroit. Yesterday took us to Oklahoma City, our first intentional stop for entertainment: the Women’s College World Series (fast-pitch softball). UCLA played California in Oklahoma City, go figure that logic out. Anyway, it was a great game with Cal scoring early in the first inning, but being overtaken by three runs from UCLA in the bottom of the fifth. That was it, game over. The game was followed by what my mom called a fireworks “extravagation”. It’s a apparentlly a mix between an extravaganza and a celebration. Much laughter ensued. After breakfast at the IHOP this morning and a tumbler full of Panera’s Hazelnut House Blend coffee, we were on our way west to Amarillo (not quite by morning for you George Strait fans) and on to Albuquerque for our evening meal. I’m writing from the outskirts of Amarillo, and I’m guessing that at some point or another I have eaten a hamburger or perhaps a filet mignion from the vast plains we are passing that are dotted with cattle. Mmmmm…. (ha! mom just killed the engine on the stick shift, more laughter). The flat plains remind me of Africa, where you can see for miles without a building in sight (besides a farm house or two off in the distance). My imagination wonders what America looked like before it was “civilized”, when the land was untainted by concrete and cinder blocks and the buffalo populated the “empty” space. And now, I’m traveling through those same plains on I-40 westbound at 80 miles per hour, typing on my iBook.


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