Grand Canyon

June 2, 2004

Today’s travels brought us through the rest of New Mexico and on into Arizona. We found our way through the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert, stopped at the Sweet Pea Cafe for lunch and drove on to the Grand Canyon. The drive was continuously beautiful and continually desolate. And for most of the drive there was a single cloud in the sky. Yep, just one. Oh, I almost forgot. Mom forgot she was driving a stick shift at one of the exits. Killed it again 🙂 It was another extravagation. Now, on with the Grand Canyon. All of Arizona really. It is so amazing that its hard to even try to describe it. Words like awsome, beautiful, and amazing do not carry enough meaning in them to justly describe the sight. Silence, in this case, is the greatest compliment that can be given to the Creator. I’ve been thinking about how I’m on my way to the opposite of the places I’ve been driving through. Vast desert will soon be replaced by miles and miles of concrete and millions of people. I’m soaking up the silence. Yet I am at the same time looking forward to the newness of Los Angeles, looking forward to a change. It is not Los Angeles in itself that is exciting. It is not the fame, the industry, the glamor. It is not the beach or the weather (dry heat is definitely an extra bonus), and it is certainly not city life. It is Jesus that excites me. It is what he is up to, of which I have no idea, that excites me. It is indeed the experience. All I know is that Los Angeles, California is where I need to be. This is where I need to learn for a season, however long it lasts. Jesus had to make time for solitude. He had to make time late at night or early in the morning. This was a part of his greater sacrifice and it will have to be a discipline that I too take a hold of. He was surrounded by crowds, noise and much of the hedonism and paganism of the Roman Empire, and within this realm he declared, “I am the light of the world”. So it is with me, and I shall point to him. No, living in Los Angeles in not my “American dream”, but I don’t really have one of those anyway. Andrew asked Jesus, “Where do you live?”, and Jesus replied “Come and see”. Like Andrew, I have chosen to follow him and see, and my home in this world will be wherever he leads. For now, Jesus wants me to see where he lives in Los Angeles, and to see what he can do with this broken vessel.

Quotes for the day:

“And the mountains sing your glory, hallelujah.
The canyons echo sweet amazing grace.
My spirit sails the mighty gails are bellowing your name,
And I’ve got nothing to say.
I’ve got nothing to say.

Hey Jamie would you mind driving down this road awhile?
Arizona’s caught me by surprise.”

-Andrew Peterson

“Inhale the nations. Exhale the gospel.”

-Erwin Raphael McManus


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