The Summit

June 8, 2004

The Summit is the life group that I will be a part of every Monday evening. At six o’clock the interns will meet for intern “stuff” and then at eight o’clock anyone can come and join the group. This Monday we went though what the Character Matrix is (copyright 1985 Erwin Raphael McManus).


The First Journey [pride to courage]

PRIDE: self-focus
HUMILITY: the willingness to serve the needs of others above oneself
INTEGRITY: one can be entrusted with followers
COURAGE: the absence of self, NOT the absence of fear

The Second Journey [foolishness to wisdom]

FOOLISHNESS: a dog returns to its vomit
FAITHFULNESS: small commitments build a faithful life
PERSEVERANCE: do it when you say you’ll do it, and there is also grace
WISDOM: making right decisions repeatedly

The Third Journey [greed to generosity]

GREED: an insatiable desire for more (when Erwin’s children complain about something that doesn’t seem “good enough” or about circumstances, he will ask them “what do you deserve?” The learned response is “nothing” whether they believe it or not; one guys took a step towards reality and had his kids say “death and hell” 🙂
GRATITUDE: being thankful for what you have an not angry about what you don’t
WHOLENESS: giving more than you demand or receive
GENEROSITY: giving without the thought of receiving

Out of these three journeys comes a person of courage, wisdom, and generosity.


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