A Day at the Office, A Night at the McManus House

June 9, 2004

Today was my first day at the Mosaic office as an intern, where I was given some projects to begin working on. I will be the point person for was is called LA Tour. Basically, LA Tour is a (non-comprehensive) spiritual overview of the Los Angeles area. We will most likely make visits to a Buddhist Temple, an Islamic Mosque, and a Hindu community to learn more about these religions, the people that practice them, and how to reach those lost in their allure. I’m looking into adding a visit to a Kabbalah center in there too. Anyway, I’m in charge of recruiting people to help me with the details and setting up the tour. A group of interns from Germany are coming to LA for a couple of weeks and I’m scheduling the tour so that they can attend. So, a 23 year old girl from Mooresville, IN is taking Germans around LA for an educational look at other religious followings of the city. Who knew, indeed?!

I’m also working on putting college age people into life groups according to their location in and around LA.

Tonight some of the other interns and I watched the children of the Mosaic lead team while they were having a get together at the McManus house. Since I still haven’t changed much, I was more interested in the seemingly unending amount of books in the house rather than the children. Shocker. The room with most of the books was the room with the TV as well, and the walls are decorated with movie posters in foreign language (and a few in English). Braveheart, Mission Impossible, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Last samurai, to name a few. Cool room. I eventually found myself on the floor playing a German boardgame with two German/Brazilian boys, Adrian and Tony (I can’t imagine being tri-lingual at 5 years old). They were wonderful, pleasant boys…Clearly not American:)

I spent sometime talking with there mother. She and her husband (who is Brazilian and in Germany at the moment) have been in the States for almost a year as interns at Mosaic. They are planting a Mosaic church in Germany in the fall. It was amazing to hear the stories of how the two of them met and ended up at Mosaic. He was doing work at a German missions organization in Kenya (being from Brazil) and the Germans there got him to come visit Germany where he taught at a missions school attended by Andrea (his wife). They pastored a church in Germany and went on live for a while in Brazil where there sons learned Portuguese. They went to Minneapolis to look at the structure of some churches there, looking for something new and fresh to bring back with them to Germany. They were disappointed in what they found, but eventually wound up at Bethel Seminary where they shared there testimony. Erwin was in the crowd listening that day. He talked to them, they came to LA, and then moved to LA for a year. Remarkable.

An amazing, peaceful evening in SoCal.


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