June 10, 2004

For any of you who aren’t aware, there is a movie out right now entitle “Saved!” It a satire on Christianity, specifically geared toward the happenings of a Christian High School. Ever since I read about this film in RELEVANT Magazine I’ve been anxiously awaiting its release. I went to a matinee of it yesterday afternoon and was not disappointed.

Now before I begin to write a bit of my thoughts on this film, let me say that it will most certainly not be for everyone. It is at points a harsh criticism, not of all Christians but of many. It generalizes, as many criticism do, to make a point. Last thing before I jump into some of my thoughts about it. Consider this a disclaimer: IF YOU SEE THIS MOVIE BE SURE THAT IT IS CLEAR IN YOUR HEAD THAT THIS IS SATIRE. Love does not easily take offense. We would do well to pay attention to how Christians are perceived, satire or not.

The movie begins with Mary, a high school junior, describing her perfect Christian life. The story follows her into her summer where she spends time hanging out with her perfect Christian boyfriend, who mid-summer tells her that he is gay. After seeking spiritual guidance, Mary decides that in order to save Dean from his abomination, Jesus has told her to sleep with him. Mary enters her senior year at this Christian high school pregnant with a gay guy’s baby. Throughout the rest of the movie we see the goings on of this Christian high school, from smoking, swearing and sex to spiritual rallies and prayer meetings (all of which happen at Christian schools, high school or college, I went to one). The characters range from the bad Jewish girl to Hillary Faye (the most spiritual, beautiful and popular girl in school) and her lemming-like followers. Ironically enough those who do not necessarily believe are those who are most like Jesus. And those who talk about him the most have the least capacity to love.

There are definitely parts of this film that are hard to watch. I found myself wondering if I should laugh at some of the things that really were quite funny. But, the truth is funny, and Christians are sometimes very very stupid and blind. Myself included. Although we may not find ourselves acting this way to the extent portrayed in the movie, I was able to take in the message and understand that my life does indeed sometimes reflect the themes. There are also ideas that seem very relativistic, but I would challenge everyone who sees this movie to dig deeper into the statements made and pull out the truth. At the same time, there is very much truth in this film, very profound truth. So, as Dr. Helyer always told us at Taylor, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Watch this film with an open mind, a thinking mind, and a heart of love for its creators.

That’s all I’m going to write because I want you all to see it for yourselves. I know most of you well enough to know that this movie won’t be for all of you. I can’t make that call. If you are unsure and you want to see it anyway, make sure you go into it with the right mind and heart set. I apologize beforehand if any of you see it and are royally offended. Feel free to comment on my comments after you see it, and certainly feel free to disagree. I’m probably going to see it again with the interns from Mosaic, just to let it sink in more and form a better opinion of it.

Oh, and one more thing…IT IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!

May we never be found throwing our Bibles at someone and screaming “I am filled with the love of Christ!”

Peace 🙂

[my ticket said it was rated PG and I don’t see how; consider it PG-13]


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