The Summit II

June 16, 2004

These notes are from my weekly meetings on Monday’s with all of the other interns and other people from Mosaic. This weeks topic: HOW TO CREATE COMMUNITY (this is just a list, but there was more discussion and Bible study behind it that I couldn’t get written down and I can’t rehash it right now because I’m very tired:)


1. Cause creates community-KNOW YOUR PURPOSE
2. Find your team
-non-believers you have built some sort of relationship with
-find people of peace who may not be believers, but who are not hostile
3. Find a place
-make it consistant
4. Start inviting people along with your team (recruiting)
5. What do you do?
-relational AND spiritual (it is detrimental to err on either side)
-the goal of the leader is to get people to participate
-cause AND community
6. A place where needs are met
-if 8 people come to have their needs met, no ones needs are met
-if 8 people come to meet the needs of other, everyone’s needs are met
7. A springboard into relationships outside of the group
8. Create opportunities for others to serve
9. Recognize that it’s all about Jesus (I Cor. 4:20 “For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.”
10. Move people closer to the mission of Christ

I’m working on beginning a Life Group (Mosaic terminology) at USC (University of Souther California, the Trojans) with another intern next week. Experience is the greatest teacher.


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