Notes From the Creativity Retreat

June 26, 2004

-creativity is not the same as artistry
-creativity is not a gift or talent, but an essence of our soul
-we have an accountability to create good for a world that needs to be healed
-declare war on imitation
-give yourself permission to create your future
-we have a choice to use our imagination-the playground of God
-God rested on the 7th day out satisfaction with what he had created
-man’s very first task was one of creativity (Gen 2:18-20)
-by instinct Adam didn’t count the animals, he named them
-our lives are not about fight sin, but about creating good the world has yet to see
-poema: greek for workmanship…we are God’s poem
-this would need you to fulfill your destiny
-spend time in your imagination, creating


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  1. very nice

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