Believe In Action

June 28, 2004

It is now almost a week since last Sunday, and I find myself scraping to recall all of what I wanted to remember and write down. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to remember. The passage was James 2:14-26 and the proverb was “Believe in Action”. This was a really hard hitting message about how faith and works cannot be separated. Faith is an action word. Faith cannot exist apart from action. Some notes:

-if James were living today, he would certainly separate between the religion of Christianity and the true followers of Christ

-when you “have faith” you feel good about God; we’ve made it a spiritual version of emotions; when you confirm the right things about God, you “have faith” BUT FAITH IS NEITHER COGNITION OR EMOTION

-reality for God is what we create with our lives
faith always creates action

-faith is not what you have organized in your brain (ahhh, one of those moments when you know someone is speaking directly to you; I need to hear this one)

-there is an inseparable relationship between your connection with God and your connection with people

-our actions in the end betray us, and in the end you will do what you believe

-relationships prove your connection to God; relationships are where the rubber meets the road, where “faith” is shown for what it is

-Abraham and Rahab had absolute confidence in the character of God; you cannot live a life of faith without absolute confidence in God’s character


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