Catch Up At The Apple Store

June 28, 2004

I’m currently sitting in the Apple Store at a ritzy mall off the Santa Monica Freeway (aka. the 10) and feeling very low class in my t-shirt and jeans. There is something crazy going on with my screen display for no apparent reason. My trusted Mac friend, Chris, suggested I get it taken care of right away. I’m a bit nevous about having something potentially wrong with my great new purchase. I’m in line at the Genius Bar (aka. mac’s fix-it station) patiently waiting my turn, so I thought I would catch up on some writing. It has been kind of a crazy last week, hence the me not writing so much. Actually, I was in Las Vegas for 4 days this past week visiting some family that were there on vacation (for the blog of my trip see Las Vegas Top Ten blog). I’m currently working on more project with Mosaic. Jason (another intern) and I are helping start a small group in downtown LA with Antonio. Antonio goes to Mosaic and Jason and I are basically here to assist him in getting things started. Our goal is to make sure we put in enough effort so that the group lasts beyond the summer when we are gone (maybe if I’m gone). I just finished a book review for Eric (the young adult pastor) called Twentysomething: surving and thriving in the real world (see blog on Twentysomething). I’m also helping put together an overnight retreat called The Portal. The purpose of the retreat is to learn to hear God through the scriptures. Peter (an intern) and I are getting together this week to put some details together. Peter will be a senior at Taylor. We were in school together, in the same major, knew some of the same people, but met in LA.

Last night after church and clean up, I went out with some people. Actually, this group goes out every Sunday after the 5:00 service to hang out, and sometimes it’s not cheap. Okay, it’s never cheap. Last night especially. We went to a hotel called The Standard in downtown LA. We ate at the restaraunt there ($7 for hummus and pita bread, it was good though) and proceeded to the rooftop where there was a bar and a small dance floor. Talk about a new experience. I will begin with the atmosphere. The rooftop was fulll of twentysomethings out for a good ol’ time on a Sunday night. That’s right, in case you thought living it up was only for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, you better think again. Usually there is a $20 cover to get up on the top, but Sundays are free. Complete with bar, dance floor, swimming pool and several small vibrating water beds (I know, I didn’t ask) this was like no other rooftop I had ever seen…not that I’m a rooftop expert. Too many people for me to be comfortable (much like church is sometimes), I found myself standing by the railing and looking out on a beautiful view of Los Angeles. It beats being lost in a sea of strangers. Mike (an intern) came over and we chatted it up for a bit about meeting people and the courage it takes. I admired his people skills and the way he seems to easily connect with many different people. We’ve been here the same amount of time and I feel like I don’t know anybody, and he knows everybody. He told it was a learned skill and that he was always a shy person. It was good to talk to him and encouraging to know that there is hope for me to not be such an introvert in big crowds. Besides, how do I tell people about my journey, about Christ, without even approaching them? We talked for a while over the techno beats coming from the dj and enjoyed the night. I was very much ready for bed when I finally got there. Today is my Sabbath and so I’m taking care of ordering my life and just spending time in the quiet. Trying to connect with more with him who made me. Marveling again at his patience.


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