Las Vegas Top Ten

June 28, 2004

This past Wednesday evening to Saturday afternoon I found myself in Las Vegas for the first time in my life. What an experience as my mind wondered about such a place and how it even existed; an oasis of hotels and casinos in the middle of a desert. A place full of desperate people, filling themselves with things that do not satisfy. It was great to see family and to take in the new sites. In memory of my vacation and the laughter that was unending I have developed of list of the Top Ten Things I Learned in Las Vegas:

10. I smoked a pack of cigarettes just walking around.
9. 1000 to 1 : Ratio of naked lady images to naked guy images.
8. Old ladies LOVE slot machines.
7. I look older. (I never got carded-people usually think I’m 16-18)
6. Some adults never leave adolesence.
5. Wash your hands.
4. You can play electronic nickel poker for a really long time and still lose you money.
3. Some people carry beer in their back pocket.
2. No one said I couldn’t remove naked lady cards that were stuck in the fences.
1. An unpaid intern has no business being in Las Vegas.


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