Moving Day

June 28, 2004

After church last Sunday, I moved from where I was living in Diamond Bar to downtown Los Angeles, namely USC (personally, I’m partial to the TU Trojans). I live in campus housing in an apartment complex called Troy (is there a theme here?) I’m living with a couple and there 6 month old daughter who enjoys a good cry. Lora works for USC and supervises some of the dorms and Grant is a producer for The Average Joe. He will be on location in August at an undisclosed location under penalty of breaching a 2 million dollar confidentiality contract. And if I didn’t know it before, I know it now: I live in LA. It seems like everyone really is in “the business” and the cliché that “everyone is writing a screen play” isn’t far from the truth. Their apartment is designed to house 5-6 students, therefore, I have my own sleeping room and my own bathroom. It’s a pretty sweet gig considering that I’m living there for free. The first few days have been interesting, navigating my way from parking meter to parking meter. There are only certain times you can park on certain sides of the streets and for a certain number of hours at a time. I will be getting a parking permit soon so that I can go directly to a lot. It is definitely going to take some getting use to. Diamond Bar is pretty much suburb-ish, nice, quiet and family friendly. Los Angeles is a full-fledged city, complete with miles of concrete and constant noise. I basically live in a place that is completely opposite from anything I’ve known. Living in Minneapolis is as close as I can compare to living in LA, and that is not saying much. So, cheers! Here’s to more learning adventures!


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