Music City?

July 2, 2004

Well, yet another option has been thrown onto my plate while here in Southern California. Mike, an intern here at Mosaic and a graduate of Asbury Seminary, is here in preparation to plant a Mosaic church in Nashville. He isn’t the main guy, but he is on board and currently looking for jobs in the area. The other night when we were talking on top of The Standard Hotel (see “Catch Up” blog)he basically said to me, “come with us and help.” At first I just kind of played it off like it wasn’t an option. It didn’t take me long to remember how much I loved Nashville. I’ve wanted to live there at some point in my life for as long as I can remember, possibly doing work in the music industry. It was always just a dream, and now I can possibly make it a reality. Oddly enough, church planting is something that I have always wanted to do. The idea of beginning a church, starting from the ground up has always appealed to me, and now I have to opportunity to do it in a city I love with people who share my vision for the Kingdom of God.

Right now, I have about 6 weeks to decide where my life is headed next. I can stay here, get a job, maybe start a masters programs, or I can begin to search for jobs in Nashville and head down there in the fall. Let’s be honest: right now,as always, Nashville is much more appealing. It’s smaller, it’s familiar, it’s closer to home. I have a had a wonderful experience so far here in LA, and through it I have found out what I really like. And I really like the mid-west and the southland. This is truly where my heart is, with the people of those areas of the country. In talking with Mike, we share the same vision of awakening or re-awakening the Church in this area to an understading of the dynamic mission of Christ. I want to be an agent of change in the place my heart most dearly loves.

However, I still do not know what the future will hold for me in the fall. This girl does not make decisions quickly. Mike encouraged me to fast and pray about the decision at hand. The cool part is, there isn’t a bad choice. Both options will move me in the direction I want to go. Both options put me in places where I can learn, grow and move with God.

Please keep praying for this wanderer.


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