The Hollywood Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music

July 11, 2004

Tonight, I was privileged to go the Hollywood Bowl, a huge outdoor ampitheater in Hollywood. It is home to the LA Philharmonic (with whom Nickel Creek will be playing in September) and many other acts that stop by. Tonight was special though, because tonight was Sing-A-Long with The Sound of Music. That’s right, we all sat in our seats watched the movie on the big screen and sang along as the words appeared. Before the show, they had a costume contest and many were dressed up as characters in the film. Four children took home the grand prize of airfare and accomidations for two in San Franscico. Brilliant mom and dad, brilliant. Dress up your four children as “Rain Drops On Roses” and then leave them at home with grandma and grandpa and enjoy a weekend getaway. Genius! It was great to see the movie again and especially with such an interactive audience. Everyone was way into it. At one point, when Captain von Trapp is singing “Edelweiss”, a majority of the audience held up their cell phones with the lights on and swayed with them back and forth. Now, this type of thing is usually done with a lighter at a rock concert, and the atmosphere is usally one of smoke (of any variety) and beer. However, in the Hollywood Hills, they prefer cell phones and wine. I didn’t join in, but did I sit there quite amused. The cool night air was great for the sunburn I aquired Friday at the beach, and my aching musles from playing broom hockey/ball on Friday night have been grateful for all of the Advil I’ve been taking for the burn pain.


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