Q & A With Robert Martinez

July 13, 2004

This past Monday, July 12th, we (being the internals, as we are affectionately called by some) had a question and answer time with Robert Martinez. Robert is one of the elders at Mosaic and is head of the counseling ministry. He began by telling us about his own journey to Mosaic, which began with the death of his first wife and the following depression and loneliness of his two young teenage daughters. A friend introduced the girls to Mosaic (formerley The Church on Brady) in order to get them connected with other young people. After a while, Robert joined the girls at Mosaic. Robert, through a series of interactions with people, became the go to guy for people in need of counseling and advice. His referrels eventually became so many that he decided to pursue counseling further and develop his God-given abilities. He has been heading the couseling ministry for over 25 years now. It was very beneficial to hear what he had to say about Christian counseling and what that looks like at Mosaic. Mostly, the couseling staff at Mosaic does marital and premarital counseling, due to its large number of singles. For the same reason, much of the counseling of young twentysomethings deals with life direction, God’s call upon their life, sin issues, relationship issues, and depression. Mosaic trains and certifies their own counselors, believing that the local church is the body responsible for counseling those who come within its doors. All attendees may receive counseling from Mosaic. One does not have to be a member. In fact, as any member of Mosaic would tell you, the only benefit to membership is getting to serve. Robert said that in all his years of doing this, he has only sent two people on to professional psychologists. His belief is that professional counseling tells a person what to put off, but not what to put on. It is not enough simply to break old habits, but it is vital to form new, good habits. This meeting was yet another great opportunity to hear more stories about the Mosaic community.


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