San Diego

July 15, 2004

Myself and three other interns found ourselves on our way to San Diego at 7:00 this morning. Jaime, who recently stepped down from being the youth pastor at Mosaic to start his own business, wanted to take us down to San Diego and just hang out. He has been a great person to get to know and has really invested a lot in the interns as a whole. The trip down was filled with great conversation, learning more about one another and about Mosaic, it’s past and it’s future. We drove around for a while, saw some great views of the city and then went to the beach for body boarding and what not. San Diego is beautiful, and that is just that. If I was just intent on existing, making as much money as I could and settling into life for the long haul, San Diego would be the place to be, for sure. The place for kids, the place for sun, the place for mountains, the place for water, the place for perfect weather, the place for all things comfortable and luxurious. Alas, that is not the calling I have received. It was an increadible day though and a much needed day away from Los Angeles.


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