July 17, 2004

Tonight I went to see a sketch comedy and improv group called Groundlings. They are Second City’s (Chicago) equivelant in Los Angeles. Many of the performers that train and come out of Groundlings and Second City find themselves wrting comedy films, doing comedy shows, and a number have wound up writing for and performing on Saturday Night Live. The pictures displayed in the lobby show the likes of Chris Katan, Will Farrel, Cheri Oteri and Chris Parnell. It was a great night of comedy and a privilege to see such good talent. If anybody watches VH1’s I Love the 70s, 80s, or 90s, there is a woman on there named Rachel Harris. She is a Groundling and it was great to watch someone I actually recognized. Anyway, I went with a few of the interns and we ate an Argentine grill before hand. Afterwards I went out for coffee with Josh and Erin Olsen and a couple of guys that came to the show with them. I did improv with Josh at Taylor and he is currently taking classes at Groundlings. Erin is best friend to my sister-in-law. It has been great to see them more often. They actually attend Mosaic and I have seen them much lately. It is good to have familiar faces around sometimes and even doubly good to have people around who share the same experience of being at Taylor.


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