Let’s Say It’s Official

July 19, 2004

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the possiblity of being involved in starting Mosaic Nashville, and the weeks since the possibility arose have been filled with much thought and excitement about what potentially lies ahead in my near future. After telling people for weeks around here that MAYBE I was going to Nashville, I finally conceded that all of them were right: I was already there. Since I was asked to think about joining the effort, many of the interns and staff have seen my excitement at the possibility of not only living in Nashville for a time, but also of starting a community from the ground up. So this is the official announcement, I guess. I will be moving to Nashville, Tennessee in middle to late September, tentatively. Life is and will always be tentative. We fool ourselves if we think otherwise. I will not be a paid staff person, but will be getting a job in the area, whether that begins as a job at Starbucks or not, I don’t know. I’m applying for a job at the Christian division of Time Warner Books as an editorial assistant, a job I’m not quite qualified for but I think I could do well. Merissa, one of the interns here has a friend that lives in Nashville and does PR work for the Gaylord Entertainment Group (they own the Grand Ole Opry, the Opryland Hotel and many other entertainment venues). Merissa got in touch with her and told her I might be coming out there, and if so what were the chances of me moving in with her. She lives in a 2 bedroom apartment by herself and said she would love a roommate. So housing is already set up for me if I so choose to live there.

It has been great to talk to Josh and Elisabeth, a couple who is interning at Mosaic to learn all they can about starting Mosaic Nashville. They are from Ft. Wayne and have been working at a church there for a few years. Josh heard Erwin speak in Chicago last summer, read An Unstoppable Force in the fall, went to the Youth Specialties Conference in St. Louis (where he heard Erwin again), and longing to learn how to create “an unstoppable force” he and Elisabeth found themselves putting their house on the market and traveling across the country with their one and a half, and three year old daughters. If you take away the spouse and the children and the putting the house on the market part, and replace Chicago with Minneapolis, you are reading my exact story. Our vision and our hope for the church is the same, and it has been great to talk to them and share ideas, dreams and the excitement of being given the opportunity to have God impact an entire city through our lives.

Hopefully, soon, I wll be able to talk to John Ferguson, who is the leader of this operation. He may be coming to Los Angeles soon to meet with Josh and Elisabeth, Mike, Myself, and another couple from Seattle that might be joining us as musicians. Josh White (the guy from Seattle) is a part of a Christian band called Telecast. I’ve never heard of them, but I don’t listen to a lot of mainstream Christian music, so I don’t know how popular they are. Let me know if you’ve heard of them.

My time here is growing shorter. Three and a half weeks until I find myself back in the ‘ville for a time. Yesterday, while running the camera in the morning services it occured to me that I’m really going to miss being a part of this great thing that is happening here. I’ve been spoiled by hearing Erwin McManus speak every Sunday and by being able to interact with the staff members here. But that is the experience I signed up for. I’m in school again, and school always comes to an end. So, I’ve added more people to my growing collection of acquaintances and am moving on once again, this time to something a little more permanant. I’m ready for something more permanant, too. Something I can give myself and my life to for a substantial amount of time. It is an exciting time to be a Christian.

“and you are Christ’s and Christ is God’s.” -1 Corinthians 3:23


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