¡Viva Insurrecion!

October 12, 2004

Over a period of time spanning through the last several decades, the church in America has separated itself from the world. Self preservation has become the focus for the church and all its followers. A chasm has been created between the church’s original mission and it’s current day reality. It’s time the pendulum swung back to where it belongs. It’s time for God’s plan – advancing His Kingdom throughout the world and into the future – to become our reason for living.

There are certain cities around this country and the world where culture is shaped and then breathed out into the rest of the world. Nashville is one of those cities. As members of the Mosaic Global Insurrectionist Team, it is our mission to relocate ourselves to Nashville, infilitrate the cultural shaping entities by loving and serving, and begin to watch the Kingdom of God be advanced throughout the city, and the world.

Our mission is not survival. Our mission is not comfort. Our mission is to attack the spiritual front line, to see light exist where there was once darkness, one life at a time.

Mosaic Global Insurrectionist Team – Nashville.

Joshua Shanklin


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