Do You Miss Me

February 21, 2005

So I know this guy who is crazy. His name is Jamie. Jamie and I were talking the other day and he asked me one of those abstract questions. Actually, he really voiced and idea, rather than asked a question. Wouldn’t it be weird if you were standing right in front of someone, and you missed them, even though you were looking at them. Jamie says that’s what he wants it to be like with his wife, whoever that will be. That she can be standing right in front of him and he misses her. We threw around the idea that it sounds very much like a country song, therefore making it a very co-dependent idea, not unlike most country songs. Yet, there was something more to it. Something deeper that exceeds co-dependency, a truer form of love. I told Jamie that he should write about it. He told me he doesn’t write, so I wrote instead. About 40 minutes after our conversations I left him a message on his cell phone with this poem that I wrote. I don’t really consider myself a poet. Not techinically with the rhythm and style that poetry is supposed to have. I’m a free-form poet. The rules don’t apply. So, here it is, written from Jesus perspective:

Do you miss me
I am three feet from you
Reaching out to hold your face
in the palms
of my hands
They long, rather, to cradle your soul

I am looking at you
Dried out
like a leaf that has
finally surrendered to crisp November
You are ten feet from me
the place from which you fell
when the light no longer brought
life through your veins

I miss you
You are three feet from me
Reaching for the last ounce of hope
in your soul
to move one step closer
where my hands will meet
your sweet, defeated face
And I will miss you no more


One comment

  1. I love the imagery in your poem…especially the leaf surrendering to November. Awesome. Can’t wait to see ya!

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