This Space

April 21, 2005

I’ve been thinking lately about what to do with this space that I have here on the web. I’ve been lacking in the writing department in my life, which means that I’m probably not thinking through things enough and processing them through the written word, which is how I work best. Mostly, this space has served as entertainment (I think), but not mindless entertainment. So, I think this site may morph soon, into something that documents serious thoughts about what I’m reading, hearing and learning, and how I see that played out in life, and how I choose to live. I noticed that I rarely write about what’s going on with Mosaic here in Nashville, and that the story of those of us here is pretty amazing. I almost have to step out of it for a minute to really see and understand all that God is doing. It is so much bigger than us, than me. My goal, then, is to devote more of this space to exploring the role of followers of Jesus in this world, to the character development of this follower in particular, to the latest discussions on leadership in the Church and to the stirrings of followers and those who are being called to follow all around the world.

Hold me accountable, faithful readers. I want this space to be one of discussion and progress.


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