Remember the Sabbath

April 26, 2005

Today I completed my 7th straight day of work.  I only have four more to go before I get a day off.  I have thought about the significance of the Sabbath more than I ever have before, as my body keeps trying to tell that it has been enough.  There is a reason for the madness though.  Last week, as I looked at the upcoming schedule, I noticed that my manager was working all seven days and that two of those days were doubles.  We’re short staffed at work right now, so everyone is putting in extra hours, including me.  I noticed that on one of the days she was working a double, I wasn’t working at all, which is pretty ridiculous, so I somewhat repremanded her for it and said that I was willing to work.  So here I am, rolling through an 11 day stretch of working and it has, for the most part, been a joy.  I think that is because as I thought about offering myself up to work I decided that this was a way in which I could serve her.  As I’m seeking to be the church and to act as Jesus in an incarnational way, I’m understanding that there is a supernatural energy that comes with giving what you don’t think you have, or giving, knowing that it could cramp your style or your routine.  I’m learning to look at perceived interruptions as opportunities to serve, realizing that every opportunity to serve is an opportunity to have a divine encounter. 

None of this means that I won’t enjoy this Sunday when I have the day off.  Indeed, I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not wishing the rest of my week away.  Everyday is full of anticipation as to what creative intersections God will let me encounter.

"May everywhere our feet touch the ground become an intersection between heaven and earth. And may everyone who walks with us feel the primal essence of the universe."

Alex McManus






  1. Miss you guys. Give me a shout.

  2. Adriaaaa…

    I was just thinking about this the other day, because the last time I was home for a whole weekend was Easter, and the last day I had a rested/restful day off was 3-4 weeks ago, and our bodies have this tendency to shut down when we don’t rest them. I was thinking–like, God knew what He was doing when He created Sabbath…

  3. thats a great post. i’m dealing with the same, thanks for writing that, it helped put some right perspective into me.

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