Rock and Roll Circus

April 29, 2005


Josh: the anti-pastor, pastor; barista with an Elementary Education degree

Jamie: the anti-leader, leader; dancer and cowboy with a degree from the world at large

Me: the anti-social introverted leader; barista with a Biblical Literature degree 

[only one person would every recruit these people to start a community of Jesus followers together, and that person is Jesus himself, and with that comes the feeling and the power of total inadequacey]

Last night, after I finished working out at the Y, I headed to the Big Green Monster (Starbucks) for a hot chocolate and some reading.  Reading always helps me re-align whatever is out of whack, or put into perspective the happenings of the day or the rumblings in my soul.  I’m currently reading the  Complete Jewish Bible along with the Jewish New Testament Commentary (I’m reading three other books as well, but this my current Bible of choice).   Anywho, as I was enjoying a peaceful evening alone, having finished nine of my eleven consecutive work days, I got a phone call from Josh.

8:20 pm

Hello Adria Lenore Lambert, what are you doing?

I’m reading at the Big Green Monster by my apartment.

Well, Jamie and I are heading to Jimmy Johns for something to eat and then over to Dan McGuinness Pub to this Rock and Roll Circus we helped set up for after work.  You know Lauren who I work with.  Well, she and her boyfriend are involved and so we went to serve them by helping set up for the show.  It’s a bunch of musical acts interspersed with side shows.  Nichole (that’s my [adria’s] boss) is in it too.  The Panty Raid ladies are one of the side shows.  So we were calling to see if you wanted to meet us there.

In my continuing efforts not to act like I’m older than I really am, I said yes, in spite of being tired and knowing that another day of work lay ahead of me.  So, as Josh and Jamie served earlier by helping set up, I decided to put down the Sermon on the Mount and attempt to go and incarnate what I was reading.  Or, at least go and be where Jesus would go and be. 

We entered into small time Moulin Rouge .  Burlesque girls, a shady (and quite vulgar) ringleader, and gobs of people, drinks in hand were crowded under a tent outside the pub. Eye makeup on both sexes was prevalent and I stood next to Josh, in his skull cap and green Kangaroo tennis shoes, and Jamie, in his red button up shirt with the sleeves cut off and cowboy boots, feeling so normal it was uncomfortable.  As I took in the culture around me and thought about why these people were here and what they were looking for, I knew that what Jesus was saying to me was, "Get comfortable with these people, because I love them.  You, love them. 

Josh and I seemed to have a similar demeanor most of the night, spending most of our time in our heads thinking about our surroundings and where the common ground was.  The question for us was, what do we do with this information and what is our proper response?  How do we best represent Jesus and connect with people in a culture we don’t quite understand, and quite frankly one that is not appealing to us?

Enter the marvel that is Jamie Curry.  Jamie doesn’t think about the things Josh and I think about.  He just acts. That’s who he is.  He’ll talk to anybody and everybody.  That’s how he got a mark put on his wrist that indicated that he was eligible to receive free beer all night.  Jamie doesn’t drink alcohol  at all, but he became friends with the guy that can get if for you for free.  While Josh was being a youth pastor and I was getting a Christian liberal arts education, Jamie was living in the world and of the world, and so he knows how to speak the language of the world, because he has not been civilized by the institutional church.  He has the blessing of being able to not care what anyone else thinks of him, to the best of ends.  He is one of the best examples that has ever been placed before me of Jesus incarnate.  And no, I’m not talking about some sort of flannel graph Jesus that is all sweetness and light.  This is the wild Jesus, with his wild love, going into dark places and shining his light into them. 

Eventually the Rock and Roll Circus took its toll and just became annoying to me.  The music was doing a good number on my ear drums, I couldn’t understand the lyrics and I had to shout to talk to people.  But, I felt that I had walked a little while with Jesus that night.  I had ventured out of my box a bit.  And I get this feeling that as Jesus pushes me again and again to go with him into the places I would never  venture alone, I will begin to not simply observe, but to act, and it will be glorious.


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  1. keep venturing, don’t lose that. Venture, and meet and love on people.

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