1 Sign, 9 Languages. Welcome to LAX

May 11, 2005


This morning was the beginning of a five day ďvacationĒ (?) for me.  Jamie and I left the Indianapolis airport at around 7:45 am and found ourselves in Los Angeles about 10:00 am. We are in town for Origins, Mosaicís leadership conference for Mosaic Alliance leaders, those whose churches have adopted Mosaicís core values and principles, and those who understand that it is not an option whether or not to live your life on mission if you call yourself a follower of Jesus. The conference doesnít start until Tuesday, but both Jamie and I had some hanging out to do first with friends that we have here in L. A.

Five of the interns that I worked with last year are still in the L. A. area, doing life with Mosaic.  Two of them are now paid staff and doing good work.  That doesnít mean the others are idle, for that is not an option when you are a member of Mosaicís community.  After the celebration last night at the Mayan, we went out for dinner, to catch up and just enjoy our reunion.  When I flew into L. A. it felt much like a homecoming of sorts.  Before last summer, if you would have told me that I would LOVE the city of Los Angeles, I probably would have laughed.  But, when Charity picked me up and we hit the 105 there was this feeling that I was indeed home.  And there was this spirit among us 2004 interns that seemed to speak this bond between us.  We were closer than we had been, even if we hadnít talked in a while.  Things are new for me, because Iím not the person that I was during our summer together, and neither are they.  We have been unleashed to live our lives on mission, and we are not still sitting in the gate, but moving, in the ever-changing direction and at the ever increasing speed of the Master Creator.


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