Imagine: Create [Notes from Sunday]

May 11, 2005

3 Colors
9 Numbers
12 Notes
26 Letters  (as a writer, I thought I could add this one to the list)

There is always a relm of possibility.

  • the ancient text teaches us that we are a unique, distinct creation (as apposed to Hinduism and Buddhism)
  • Matthew 25:1-13

– we must be going the right direction with the right equipment
– preparation; the building of character
– at your last breath, you don’t get to go prepare for your future; your life is time dated
– God will not prepare you for the future; we are responsible for preparing ourselves to step into the future that we will create
– two words: forsight and descipline

  • Matthew 25:14-30 

– God has entrusted us to maximize our capacities
– God trusts us to decide what to do
– we don’t get to choose our levels of ability, but we are accountable to maximize our capacity
– a wrong view of the Master cripples your ability

  • Matthew 25:31-46

– the sheep and goats understood that they belonged to the Living God
– it’s not about belief, but about TRANSFORMATION
– if you want to heal the wounds of God, focus on healing the wounds of humanity
– their hearts loved people because their hearts loved God
– create the good, expand the good


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