May 19, 2005

I turned 6 years old.
Indiana won the NCAA men’s basketball championship.
Reggie Miller began his career for the Indiana Pacers.

I watched tonight as a legend played his last game.  I don’t know the Pacers without Reggie Miller.  For so long Reggie has been the Pacers, which is probably why they’ve never won an NBA championship.  It takes more than one man.  He needed a "Scottie Pippen-ish" counterpart, a right-hand man, if you will.  But, alas, he departs championship-less, but leaves a permanent mark on the state that LOVES its sports and athletes.  Here’s to you Reggie:  thanks for 8 points in 8 seconds (from Josh Shanklin), thanks for all the Knicks games, thanks for game four against Chicago in ’98 (one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen, and I live in Nashville), thanks for your loyalty to a city, to a people.  We know we’re crazy.


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