One Night In Bangkok…

June 15, 2005

…okay, maybe a few hours. 

Tomorrow morning I’ll be riding MARTA to the Atlanta airport and bording a plane that will take me non-stop to Tokyo, from there to Bangkok and from there to Chiang Mai. 

The whole story of my quarter-life crisis and how I came about going on this trip on such short notice is not necessary here, but nonetheless, I am heading to Southeast Asia tomorrow all by my lonesome.  My friend Derek is getting married there on the 24th.  Not that one needs an excuse to go to Thailand, but since I have one it made it all more easy to take the adventure. 

If you ever fly internationally and you aren’t nervous at some point, then you might be just plain silly.  There is an excited, anxious tension that accompanies the international flight.  There is no better way to find out just how much you love the United States than to leave the country for a while.  It’s definitely a reality check.  All of that to say that the proper excited, nervous tension has hit me and I just want to be there already.  Soon I will wonder no longer what it will be like to get off of a plane and be in the severe ethnic minority, and by myself at that.  Bring on the learning!



One comment

  1. I’ve never flown internationally but I can see how it can be exciting, adventurous and downright barbaric. I followed your link from Alex’s blog. Have a great day.

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