Sticky Bits

July 11, 2005

*this is a response to an email I received from a friend who is at a point of struggle in his/her journey with God; who is not always in some sort of struggle?  if we weren’t in a struggle, we wouldn’t be on a journey*

Fresh. New. Vivid. Original. Primal. First.

"I know nothing."

If you know nothing, friend, then you are a blank slate.  And whoever may write whatever they please, or you can decide who gets to write.  God wants to write.  He wants to write about who he is, not who you always thought he was.  I’m in the process as well.  "Knowing nothing", questioning everything, waiting for the pieces to fall together.  Can we come to a God we always thought we knew as a blank slate and allow him to write about who he really is?  Will we always have on us the residue of former teachings? 

I don’t know how much you cook, but here is an analogy:  when you shallow fry or grill meat on a stovetop in a pan there are always these little sticky bits on the pan after you take the meat out.  Some look burnt, others are just brown in color.  There is usually some oil left in the pan, too.  A lot people immediately put the dirty pan in dishwater to soak off all of the "junk" they dread scrubbing out of the pan later.  What they don’t realize is that those bits hold so much flavor.  All those bits need is something new added to them, something fresh, like a really good wine.  When a good wine is added to a hot pan the heat and liquid lift the sticky bits off of the pan and then blend with the wine and oil, creating a rich, flavorful sauce. 

The faith we grew up with, the things we were taught, now seem like just a bunch of sticky bits that we are confused about, and we don’t know what to do with them.  We would love to just scratch everything and start from the very beginning, but it’s just not possible, because we remember.  So what then do we do with the sticky bits, because there is truth there, there is rich flavor there?  We must allow God to add his best wine, that we may taste the full flavor of all we have known and be amazed at the new flavors we had no idea about.   

Forget what you think you are "supposed to know" and start talking to Jesus about what he wants you to know. 

So what does this mean for Faith, Hope, Love and Peace?  You won’t get the answer from me, because it comes to all of us in a way we will best understand.  Our God is personal, and he deals with each of us in a unique and specific way because he is our creator.  All I can tell you is don’t be frustrated with the sticky bits of Faith, Hope, Love and Peace, but let Jesus’ wine infuse them with new flavor. 



  1. Forget what you think you are “supposed to know” and start talking to Jesus about what he wants you to know.


  2. well said. Well said.

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