The Tennessean

August 5, 2005

I’m resisting the creeping realization that I am an adult.  There are two events that have happened upon me since living in Nashville  that remind me that I am indeed getting older.  The first happened back in December as I was traveling back to Indiana for Christmas.  I was radio station surfing for some good driving tunes when I came across a quartet of mandolin players playing Christmas carols.  I will not go into the depth of my excitement concerning this find for fear of exposing how nerdy I really am.  I discovered during a break in the music that I was listening to National Public Radio.  I aged in that very moment and have been waking up to NPR ever since.  A second thing that has occured multiple times and occured just today is that on my days off from work I do things such as: clean my apartment, balance my check book, pay my bills and do the laundry; very adult type things.  Today the adventure was getting my car smog tested, my Tennessee license plate, my Tennessee drivers license and registering to vote in the state of Tennessee.  I am an adult and a more official resident of the state of Tennessee.  A Tennessean by location.  A Hoosier, always, at heart.  So I guess it’s official for all of you who have asked me how long I’m
going to be in Tennessee.  As I have always known and have tried to
communicate, my time here is indefinite, dependent only upon the wind
of God.

ps. I took a test on the internet that is tells you your actual age based on a series of questions…I am 44.
pss.  The woman sitting behind me just said, in all seriousness, "that really chaps my hide".



  1. i found you!!!

  2. Welcome Leslie, it’s nice to have you here. Visit as much as you like!

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