A Day in the Life

August 17, 2005

"Life happens".  It’s true.  It happened to me last night as I pulled onto the road that leads to my apartment complex at about 10:15 pm.  I believe I was rocking out to Kelly Clarkson (laughing is permissible and expected here) when all the sudden I noticed that my car was driving funny.  I slowed down, turned Kelly down and noticed that it was the back right side of my car that was riding rough and making not good noises.  I decided to drive the rest of the way to my building, which was less than a quarter mile away.  I knew what happened.  I had a flat tire.  I need new tires anyway, but I didn’t know that expense would rear its head before I intended it to.  So, there I was, flat tire and 4 and half hours away from my mechanic.  He being my father.  So I called him up to see what to do.  During some instructions my mom had to chime in with her light and timely sarcasm:

Dad:  Your mom wants to know if you’ve ever changed a flat tire before.
Me:  No.
Dad:  hehehehahahahee
Me:  What?
Dad:  Your mom says, "Well, you’re getting ready too!"

I didn’t dig any deeper to see if she’s ever changed a tire.  I know she could if she had too. 

I woke up at 7:00 this morning, hoping to change my tire and put my spare donut on, call a tire place, get the right tire and get them all changed before a meeting at 11:00.  I washed my face, drank some Odwalla Superfood, strapped on my iPod and prepared to embrace the adventure before me.  I started with the tire at 7:30 and finished by 8:00, pretty good time for my first try.  After talking to my dad again, I decided on a specific tire and went to the phone book (aka the world wide web) to find a place that had the tires and could do the service.  I finally got a hold of Bob at A Plus Tire.  Then I called Jewly to cancel our meeting.  11:00 was now the time when I was to get my tires changed. 

I turned my car into what looked like an old run down gas station, but it was the right place.  Bob’s A Plus Tire is definitely the little man.  I didn’t have any reservations though, because he was upfront with me about the price when I talked to him on the phone, trustworthy and honest, and I’m learning that all "good" Nashvillians support local businesses.  It was obvious that Bob is good to all his customers.  I was out of there by 12:30 and off to work, but not before stopping at the Dollar General to get socks that I forgot to bring.

It is my perception that many people would find this whole scenario quite annoying, or at least inconvenient.  I won’t say that it wasn’t a bit inconvenient.  I have plenty to do without having to take time out for a flat.  However,  today was a great day.  Early to rise and out in the air before it got too heavy with moisture.  Working with my hands, learning a new skill to put into my repertoire, listening to my "Wake Up" play list featuring Bebo Norman, Shane and Shane, Andrew Peterson and Matthew Perryman Jones.  Interestingly enough, I was ready to be at work when the time came.  Toward the end of the day at work the heavens finally opened up here in Middle Tennessee and the rain that has been a long time in coming poured its sweet goodness on us.  I work behind an espresso bar, facing out with a view of S. 11th Street through 4 large windows.  Business was slow as molasses, which afforded me time to watch the rain.  Upon my arrival home I made dinner and did 3 loads of laundry. 

God is in the daily.  We were created for activity, one of the many places our Creator loves to meet us.



One comment

  1. I recall,soon after we married, asking your mother if she knew how to change a tire? I was ready to impart the knowledge, when I sensed
    a disinterest in the procedure. Asking what she would do if the car had a flat, she replied,” I’ll call Dad and he will come fix it”. To this day your mother has not changed a flat tire or asked me to teach her.


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