September 25, 2005

I read this article today on portafilter.net  and thought I would pass it along as a look at the trade I’m so fascinated with.


Keeping in mind how spoiled we are




the last few days I’ve had a couple of conversations and/or experiences
that have reminded me of just how spoiled we really are.

First –
this morning I walked into the Stumptown  roastery just in time to get
handed a cup of freshly brewed Panama Esmerelda . Such an incredible or
perhaps astonishing coffee – like a Belgian Gran Cru ale. Seriously. So
I sat there, enjoying the complexities, smiling to myself and Jim and I
got into a conversation which lead to the following statement – "you
know, it’s sad to think that most people don’t even know what coffee
really tastes like." Thinking about this I came to realize just how
true it is. Jim then told me a story of how, when driving to Idaho, he
stopped at a gas station to use the hot water tap on their coffee
brewer to make a press pot of the Panama Don Pachi. He offered to give
the woman behind the counter some of the coffee in exchange, but she
told him she didn’t really like coffee. None the less, he left her a
small cup of it. As he was starting to drive away she came running out
of the station, waving her arms in the air. She wanted to know
everything about the coffee… "what he put in it" why it tasted the
way it did how he made it.

Second – this ties into a comment
someone made to me the other day. I was tasting some incredible CoE
coffees that Andrew Barnett sent to me. I shared a lovely Nicaragua CoE
with a friend. He took a sip and the weirdest look came over his face.
Another sip… He turned to me and said, "this doesn’t even taste like

Third – I had a hysterical conversation with someone
the other day on the phone. They were trying to get me to "sell them"
on why they should drive in from the suburbs to Stumptown to get their
coffee. They’d never had Stumptown coffee and simply couldn’t see how
it could be worth it.

The reality is that most people probably don’t actually know what coffee really tastes like. And that is very sad.

also presents us with a serious challenge. How do you describe the
colour green to someone who sees in black and white? How do you
describe the emotional content of that colour? How do you express the
value of experiencing it?

Every one of us should savour our next
cup of coffee – because we are the few, the lucky ones. We actually get
to know what coffee really is.



  1. hey adria! i’m famous! you posted a quote from me on your sidebar…and i’m flattered!

    t-minus three weeks until i meet derek and sandra! oooh! we should talk before then, and i have lost your number in the sad destruction of my cellular phone.

    call me though–my number works again!

    and are you feeling better?

  2. interesting, good thoughts. i’ll keep thinking on those. also, you spell british-like. why is that so?

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