An Update: Per Heather Baker’s Request

November 16, 2005

To the faithful who have checked this space more than once since October 5, 2005:

Where I’ve Been

-Bongo Java East Cafe –

We have extended our hours at work, and instead of being open until 6 every evening, we are now open until 8:00 pm.  So, my hours have increased there.  A good thing for the checking account, a bad thing for my feet and legs and sometimes social introversion.  And a funny thing happened when we increased our business in the evening…our business TRIPLED…in the morning???  One major thing I’ve learned about this business is that it is indeed unpredictable.


I moved in the middle of October into East Nashville .  To give you an idea of what this means for me, let’s break it down like this:

  • drive to work decreases in time from 25 minutes to less than 5 minutes
  • filling up my gas tank decreases in frequency from once a week to once ever two and a half weeks…and I hear money dropping into the bank
  • I now live in the same area as all of my co-workers and the people I’ve been building relationships with for a year, and can therefore invest myself even more in their lives

What this also means is that I have to reset everything, such as bills and what not, including getting my wireless connection re-established.  Once that happens, writing will hopefully be more frequent. 

-Nickel Creek-

I attended my 6th Nickel Creek concert in the middle of October as well.  Still good as ever.  Everyone should by their new album.

-Construction Zone-

There are currently men I do not know entering my house on an almost daily basis to do construction work on it.  They begin banging around at about 7:00 am, fine for when I work in the mornings, not so fine on my mornings off.  And every time we girls get annoyed we remind ourselves that rent is currently $184 a month for each of us, and we listen to the money roll into the bank. 

-Asheville, NC-

see Asheville, NC post

-Moving without Running-

see Because I Must post

I want to be back in the writing saddle soon.  Life is simply chaotic, presently.  Stay with me…the ride is just beginning.




One comment

  1. she’s alive…she’s alive…she’s alive…

    you know adria, i would love to have a real conversation with you someday!! but i no longer possess your digits…so call me or email me your digits or SOMETHING.

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