La Bodega’s 100th Post

December 7, 2005

I suppose this is a milestone of sorts. I also suppose I could have reached this point a lot sooner.  It has taken me almost 2 full years to finally reach 100 posts to La Bodega.  To celebrate, I just want to write about why this place has existed and why it will exists in the future.

I started La Bodega in January of 2004 as I began to discover this new way of communicating with not only those who I know, but with the entire world.  I began to write while my soul was in a place of despair and as life moved forward I continued writing as a means to find healing.  I posted once in January, twice in April and once in May of that year.  It wasn’t until June that La Bodega really took off with consistent posts.  That summer I moved to Los Angeles to be a part of Mosaic.  Many people were interested in what was going on out there and instead of doing a mass email thing I decided to just document some of my summer at La Bodega and people could check the site at their own convenience.  As I read back through some of those early blogs I’m reminded of the life change that took place in those few brief months and how it has shaped me. 

My intentions were to keep writing about life as a church planter, culture at large and the everyday ins and outs of coffeeshop life.  I found, however, a hesitation in writing certain details or telling certain stories having to do with people I was getting to know.  Trying to be a responsible blogger I concluded that it probably isn’t super ethical to write about people  I was getting to know without their permission.  Therefore, La Bodega lacks many interesting, hilarious and thought-provoking stories simply to protect the privacy of those involved.  Perhaps at some point I will gain permission to write these stories.  For now I will treasure them and ponder them in my heart.  Or tell you personally if you ask about them : )   

Today I spent some time with a good friend and was inspired to continue more consistantly with blogging, using it as a portal into the mystic .  I’m not sure what the next 100 posts will hold.  I am sure that life will provide plenty of topics.  I only hope I’m paying attention to the details and that La Bodega is a place where the living God is honored. 

Of the last 100 posts, here are my top five favorites, for your reading pleasure:

5. Rock and Roll Circus
4. Everyone is a Musician
3. Diet Coke with Lime: A Review
2. Janet Jackson: Child of God
1. Sticky Bits

Thanks for reading.  I’ve enjoyed the journey with you.  May it continue. 





  1. hi adria, congratulations! this is cool. hope you are doing fine. love, eve

  2. Adie, you’ve reached a milestone! Now hurry up and come home for some LamCor time. Miss you a lot. Love, Momma C

  3. I can’t wait to read these…

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